ITSANS Vs Time to Deliver Mobica+ Web Site

Motivated by its dedication to its clients, ITSANS has succeeded in its commitment to deliver Mobica+ a high-quality Web site within a short duration.

Mobica is the largest office furniture and interior systems manufacturer in the Middle East. With 2,400 employees, the company has extensive production facilities and an annual turnover of $100,000,000. Capitalizing on Mobica‘s vast experience, Mobica has established a new brand: Mobica+, in order to expand and invade foreign markets. The + sign symbolizes the conviction that there is always more to be achieved, explored, and improved.

Mobica+ has a vision to become a major global player in the furniture industry. Therefore, it was necessary for Mobica+ to have a reliable, modern, and eye-catching Web site that attracts global markets, especially the German market, which is its current focus. The company also has several innovative and elegant products that received many awards from ORGATEC international office furniture exhibition. Therefore, Mobica+ needed a comprehensive Web site that represents its portfolio, team, and products in order to participate in the exhibition and leave a good impression.

Mobica+ assigned ITSANS to develop its robust and attractive Web site in a short period to be ready before the start of ORGATEC exhibition. ITSANS team had only 10 days to create the Web site. Challenged by the tight timeline dedicated to this project, the team exerted extra efforts to deliver the Web site as per the requirements of Mobica+.

Accomplishing its target on time, ITSANS team delivered Mobica+ Web site after fulfilling its standard specifications comprising optimized performance, fast-loading pages, reliable usability, as well as distinguished appearance, creative design, and friendly interface.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Paul Tournier