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Using a robust system to monitor and control your assets became a necessity in order to optimize your company’s revenue. ITSANS offers an Assets Management System (AMS) that aims at tracking and managing your company’s assets using two types of technology: either Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), or Barcode technology, according to your business need.

RFID technology uses radio-frequency electromagnetic waves to transfer data from a chip attached to each object to be tracked. RFID readers can remotely scan a whole area to gather the objects’ information without having to swipe across each RFID chip. Stocktaking using RFID technology draws accurate and complete results, as it does not depend on human interaction to go through each-and-every object to be tracked.

Barcode technology relies on an optical scanner that has to swipe across each tag placed on the objects to be tracked. The tags must be in-direct touch with the reader, and located within its line of sight.

ITSANS AMS is a cloud-based application that allows updating and tracking your assets information online based on a subscription mode that spares you the high license cost. It provides full functionality without consuming any storage space.

ITSANS AMS can be connected to the mobile tracking devices of your choice, such as handheld devices, smart phones, tablets, or laptops, through Bluetooth or USB connection

What we offer

With ITSANS AMS, you can:

  • Gather all assets-related information in one place, such as location, supplier, manufacturer, and insurance.
  • Track the status of your assets, whether they are working, or pending maintenance.
  • Detect if there are missing assets.
  • Accomplish a remote assets stocktaking using RFID technology.
  • Automatically schedule the assets periodic preventive maintenance.
  • Calculate assets depreciation.
  • Transfer assets locations.
  • Generate reports related to your assets statuses.