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Based on QR-Code which is a type of Barcode technology, ITSANS Marketing Campaigns Tracking System easy tracks and inspects the performance of streets’ marketing campaigns. Through advertisements that contain QR-codes loaded with their locations and campaign’s information, We can track these ads using location based technology to monitor the campaign’s success.

We can also measure the audience engagement with these streets’ advertisements by insights if its scanned, and thus viewed, by different audience. maintaining information, such as the dates and places where the advertisement is mostly viewed guarantees taking the right decisions regarding your marketing campaign to ensure it will reach the greatest number of targeted audience.

What we offer

With ITSANS, you can:

  • Measure your audience engagement with your advertisements.
  • Creatively involve your audience in your marketing campaign by providing them an offer or a promotion if they scan the advertisement, and send its picture to your e-mail, or Facebook page.
  • Gather reliable data that assist you in decision-making processes.
  • Control when, where, and how to place your advertisements to reach maximum profits.