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Outdoors Billboards Tracking System (OBTS) helps concerned governmental entities control the issuance of streets outdoors billboards licenses. Once an advertising or marketing company requests a license for placing an out of home advertisement (OOH), the concerned government entity inspects its location and specifications, quotes its license price, and then grants the license. After issuing licenses, the system helps concerned entities to constantly monitor the below the line advertisements in order to detect any violations or changes.

ITSANS OBTS also provides a mobile application that inspectors can use in order to examine the street outdoor billboard advertisements and verify that they comply with the government rules and standards.

What we offer

With ITSANS OBTS, you can:

  • Define the allowed types of street advertisements, and their prices.
  • Keep records of marketing companies who apply for outdoor billboard licenses.
  • Manage requests submitted for obtaining outdoor billboard license
  • Document the street ads inspection details before granting them any licenses.
  • Notify the advertising companies via the e-mail when their license renewal date approaches, so that they can start the renewal process.
  • Renew the existing licenses upon checking their compliance with the current standards and rules
  • Record complains submitted against any of the licensed advertisements to take into consideration during the licenses renewal.
  • Generate reports concerning the issued licenses, the street advertisements ‘locations, and the advertising companies.