Queue Management System


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Microsoft .Net, SQL


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ITSANS Queue Management System (QMS) helps organizations such as banks and government institutions control their queues of customers using a plug-and-play hardware. The system organizes the process of providing services to customers in an effective and smooth way that enhances the customer experience. Effective management of customers’ queues increases the number of satisfied beneficiaries of the provided services, as they clearly understand how and when they will be served. This in turn leads to more profit and success to our clients.

In addition, ITSANS QMS requires minimal technical support during its installation, as the system has no specific hardware or connections limitations.

What we offer

With ITSANS QMS, you can:

  • Shorten the customer’s queues waiting time.
  • Minimize the effort and cost consumed in configuring a Queue Management System, as it uses a plug-and-play hardware.
  • Control and manage the queues from a single-point of administration with minimal efforts.
  • Easily customize the system’s settings according to your provided services and number of counters available.
  • Use your local network in order to install the system without using any extra cables and connections.

Summary Results

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